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#ClemencyForKevinJohnson November Media Round Up

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Tens of Thousands of individuals from across the world have taken action to STOP the EXECUTION of Kevin Johnson, currently scheduled for November 29th, 2022. Below is a sampling of press coverage since November 1 which brings attention to the culture of death in St. Louis and uplifts Kevin’s humanity in calls to Governor Parson for clemency.

As we move closer to November 29th the media will hone in on the execution and the day of the crime. Please read the pieces below to learn more about KJ and the systemic issues in the criminal legal system and how they play out in his case. Please join MADP in the struggle to abolish the death penalty in Missouri.

Truthout’s Kalonji Changa and Joy James share a streamlined adaptation from “Live from Death Row: Kevin Johnson,” an FTP Movement interview conducted with Johnson on November 7, 2022.

On November 23rd, people who grew up with Johnson gathered at the Kirkwood Recreation Center to call for an alternative to the death penalty. Some of those supporters included Johnson's former teachers. View the press conference here.

Congresswoman Cori Bush (MO-01) and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II (MO-05) sent a letter to Missouri Governor Mike Parson urging him to halt the execution of Kevin “KJ” Johnson by granting clemency.

MADP Board Chair and President of the Missouri NAACP says, “Missouri’s Culture of Death Must Stop. Granting Clemency to Kevin Johnson is a good start.” in this Op-Ed in the Missouri Independent on November 23.

Jamala Rogers writes a powerful piece in the St. Louis American about how Kirkwood can still Help Spare Kevin Johnson's Life.

The National ACLU is filing suit against Parson to allow Kevin Johnson’s Daughter to witness the execution of her only parent. The ruling is expected to be handed down in the Western District Federal Court on Friday.

The Intercept's Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith write about Kevin Johnson in this important piece: A special prosecutor found Kevin Johnson’s case was tainted by racism. Missouri is about to kill him anyway.

The Riverfront Times and St. Louis Public Radio received support from the River City Journalism fund for an important series on the high use of the death penalty in St. Louis County. Here are a few of the articles:

Photo by Jeremy Weis.

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The Death Penalty is barbaric and inhumane and out and out State Murder!

It must be abolished and we must find bold ways to stop it since it still persists.

And it is definitely RACIST! Those states that still carry it out must be held accountable

for MURDER!! We must find new ways to deal with the DEATH PENALTY!

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