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Advocating for Clemency for Brian Dorsey

On April 4th, a group of passionate individuals from across Missouri gathered at the Capitol to deliver nearly 6,773 petition signatures to Governor Parson, urging him to grant clemency for Brian Dorsey. The event included a rally in the rotunda, where speakers emphasized Brian's humanity and the compelling reasons behind the call for mercy in his case.

One of the key points highlighted was Brian's remarkable record of zero disciplinary violations over 17 years—a feat that is truly exceptional. Additionally, many correctional staff members have expressed their support for clemency, underscoring the widespread belief in Brian's rehabilitation and the potential for his continued positive contribution to society.

Another crucial aspect of Brian's case is the assertion of his innocence of capital murder. It has been argued that he should never have been eligible for the death penalty due to his incapacity for deliberation. Furthermore, there are serious concerns about the quality of Brian's legal representation, as his attorneys were reportedly paid a low flat fee and convinced him to plead guilty without conducting a thorough investigation or psychological evaluation.

The outpouring of support through signatures and the presence of advocates at the Capitol reflect a strong desire for justice and fairness in Brian's case. While the fight for clemency continues, it's important to note that there is still time to make a difference. If the execution proceeds, advocates plan to return to the Capitol on Tuesday for another delivery.

We urge everyone to join this critical effort by calling Governor Parson at (573) 751-3222 and asking him to stay Brian Dorsey's scheduled execution and commute his sentence to life without the possibility of parole.

Your voice can make a difference in ensuring that justice is served in this case. Thank you to all who have supported this cause, and let's continue to fight for a more compassionate criminal legal system.

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