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Missouri Death Row Pen Pal Program

Through our Pen Pal Program, we connect those on Missouri's death row with people across the world. People on Missouri’s death row have been turning to MADP for several years to find mentors as well as friends to write to. The potential to make a change for those inside prison by sharing these messages has a lasting positive impact for those on death row. Research has shown that those in prison who partake in pen pal programs establish and maintain positive connections outside of prison, pursue educational opportunities, seek normalization through friendship, and are less likely to reoffend.

If you would like to participate in the Missouri Death Row Pen Pal Program, please email to receive an application.


Missouri Death Row Spiritual Advisor Program

MADP’s spiritual advisor program is unique in that we make contact as early as possible to ensure that persons facing death sentences are given the guiding light they need during their darkest times. Finding and maintaining spiritual advisors can be a difficult task for those inside prison, as many prisons are located in rural areas that may not offer a variety of spiritual and theological practices. As we track pending capital cases throughout the year, we touch base with those working on various cases to offer our services in finding the best advising possible.


We have partnered with a variety of theological, spiritual, and philosophical groups including practices in: Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Atheism, Wiccan, and Indigenous and Native Churches.

If you are interested in learning more about our spiritual advisor program or are interested in providing services to those facing death sentences please email


Sign our petitions for clemency for those with exhausted appeals, and are facing execution in Missouri.


Receive updates from state office staff, get action items for those facing execution, attend meetings to learn more about how to help end the death penalty in Missouri, and more!

Support death penalty abolition in Missouri by making a donation today!

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