Concerns over the mental health of Michael Worthington, set to be executed August 6th

Citing a life-long history of psychiatric disorders and addictions, Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty is calling on Governor Nixon to grant clemency to Michael Worthington based on his diminished mental capacities at the time of the crime. Mr. Worthington is scheduled to be executed on August 6th  for the 1995 murder of Melinda Griffin.

Governor Nixon, we want an independent Board of Inquiry!

Newly discovered evidence raises doubts about John Middleton's involvement in the crime he is set to be executed for next Wednesday. It now appears that prosecutors suppressed a witness statement that pointed toward the guilt of a different local methamphetamine dealer. Additionally the forensic expert that testified for the state at Middleton's trial now believes the murder happened one day later--when Middleton was in jail for a misdemeanor in Iowa and could not have possibly committed the crime. 

We are asking for an independent Board of Inquiry to review this new evidence which we believe is a necessary step in determining the validity of these claims since Governor Nixon led Middleton’s prosecution during his time as Attorney General.

Call the Governor at 573-751-3222 and ask him to appoint and independent Board of Inquiry!

Tell your local paper's Editor why Middleton's execution shouldn't go forward

You already know the facts—Missouri has executed seven people in the past nine months and its leaders are intent on maintaining this rapid pace, continuing with John Middleton on July 16th. But we need to spread the word to other Missourians and our leaders: The death penalty is too risky, too expensive and too arbitrary for Missouri.

How to talk to your neighbor about the death penalty

We are at an important moment in the fight against the death penalty in Missouri: are we going to join with the national trend moving away from the death penalty, or is our state going to be one of the last stalwarts of the death penalty?

The answer has not been decided. It’s up to you and I to write it. And I believe we can guide our neighbors and our leaders towards abolition with the truth. How do we do it? We focus on the most convincing, persuasive arguments we’ve got: The death penalty is too risky, too expensive and too arbitrary.