"Shameful" New Evidence of Racial and Geographic Arbitrariness of Missouri Executions

In response to new research released today by Political Science Professor Frank Baumgartner revealing significant racial, gender, and geographic disparities with regards to who is executed in Missouri, former North Kansas City Police Chief Glenn Ladd, stated that the information points to the fundamental arbitrariness of capital punishment.  Baumgartner’s research indicates that a majority of the state’s 80 executions  (between 1976 and 2014) come from just three, or 2.6%, of Missouri’s 114 counties and the independent city of St.

Richard Strong Executed on June 9, despite pleas from Victim

Richard Strong’s execution date was executed on June 9, 2015, despite eloquent pleas for leniency from one of his victims and daughter.  He was convicted in the homocides of his girlfriend, Eva Washington and her two-year old daughter Zandrea Thomas; his infant daughter was also at the crime scene and spared.  His capital sentence arose as a result of the work of incompetent trial counsel, as well as behavior driven by mental illness and extreme childhood trauma.  He has been diagnosed with Major (Recurrent) Depression,  PTSD and Schizotypal Personality Disorder.