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The Community Remembrance Project of Missouri

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

From the Community Remembrance Project of Missouri:

“It is our pleasure to announce that the Community Remembrance Project of Missouri (CRP-MO) is now an approved part of the Equal Justice Initiative’s (EJI) Community Remembrance Project. EJI’s Community Remembrance Project partners with community coalitions to memorialize victims of racial terror lynchings throughout history and foster meaningful dialogue about race and justice today. The CRP-MO will advance our shared commitment to challenging poverty and racial injustice, advocating for equal treatment in the criminal justice system, and fostering hope and reconciliation for marginalized communities in our State.

The Community Remembrance Project of Missouri’s website is a resource for Community Remembrance Projects in Missouri and those working to move forward the message of racial justice in the state. Through our efforts in coordination with communities around the state, we plan to raise public awareness, facilitate education, and work toward reconciliation regarding Missouri’s history of racial injustice, and it’s legacy of racial terrorism.”

As a contributing member of this amazing network of organizations working toward racial justice and reconciliation across the state, we at MADP recognize the importance in truth telling. As racial terror lynching evolved, so too did the death penalty. To this day the death penalty is applied arbitrarily with racial bias being a main determining factor during sentencing.

We must continue to tell the stories and memorialize the lives lost due to racial terror lynching. We look forward to our continued education efforts with local communities who recognize this important work.

Please visit the Community Remembrance Project of Missouri’s website to learn more.

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