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Enduring Injustice in Missouri Webinar

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

In Enduring Injustice: the Persistence of Racial Discrimination in the U.S. Death Penalty, Ngozi Ndulue of Death Penalty Information Center places the death penalty in historical context as a descendant of slavery, lynching, and segregation while highlighting the current crisis of extra judicial executions, and social justice movements that call for police and criminal legal reform.

The report is an eye-opening look into the distinct legislation that paved the way for racial discriminatory practices that persist in the use of death sentencing today.Ndulue will be in conversation with Missouri NAACP President, Rod Chapel, Equal Justice Initiative Liaison for the Community Remembrance Project of Missouri, Glenn North, Racial Justice Coordinator at MADP, Michelle Smith and others to discuss the historical and current factors of race and the death penalty in Missouri.

To read Enduring Injustice, visit For more information about the death penalty in Missouri please visit or contact

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