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Missouri seeing resurgence in execution, another planned for January

Missouri executed two men in the past month, and is planning more executions

The state executed Joseph Franklin on November 29 and Allen Nicklasson on December 11. These were the first executions to take place in Missouri since February 2011.

Unfortunately, the state has resumed executions at a rapid pace, and is planning to execute Herbert Smulls on January 29, which bucks a national trend of a decline in the number of, and support for, executions.

The Death Penalty Information Center released a report on December 19th which shows that the number of executions nationally is declining with 39 executions taking place in the USA in 2013, which is “only the second time in 19 years that there were fewer than 40 executions.” The DPIC report also shows that public support for the death penalty has reached its lowest level in 40 years.

Sadly, Missouri is moving against this national trend and has restarted executions at a very rapid pace.

Please consider joining MADP at vigils held before the upcoming executions, information here. For more infomation on how you can get involved, see our local chapter pages or email us at

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