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Missouri’s own planned torture

The “botched and bloody” failed execution Oklahoma inflicted on Doyle last month was torture – and what Missouri plans to do to Russell next Tuesday will be the same.

Lethal injection could cause Russell to choke because of his compromised airway, which would make him suffocate to death. Anesthesia would not circulate properly, and his tumors could burst. Medical experts have warned he would bleed from every orifice while dying slowly and painfully.

In addition to the factor of Russell’s medical condition, Missouri’s stockpile of lethal injection drugs come from a compounding pharmacy labeled “high risk” by the FDA. These drugs could be tainted or even counterfeit, making executions the equivalent of a botched medical experiment.

Following the failed execution of Doyle Hamm in Oklahoma, the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Joe Allbaugh, said in a press conference (at 12:36 and 12:48): “Hamm was punctured 11 times. I think that’s inhumane.” Here.

The ACLU has also written a letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an international organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., asking that the commission immediately step in to block Bucklew’s execution. The commission wrote back the same day to say they had contacted the federal government to again request Bucklew’s execution be delayed until the commission has had time to examine the case. Here.

Please call Governor Greitens at (573) 751-3222: tell him to stop the execution of Russell Bucklew for March 20 and end Missouri’s shady deals with a corrupt pharmacy.

Sample script: “Hi, my name is (your name), and I live in (city). I am calling to ask Gov. Greitens to stop the execution of Russell Bucklew scheduled for March 20th.”

You can also submit an email by clicking here.

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