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Mark Christesen, Mark Gill, Marcellus Williams, Marvin Rice

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

This year in Missouri, we carried out one of the three possible executions scheduled for the year – Mark Christesen in January. In May, a jury gave Mark Gill life without parole, in spite of prosecuting attorney Morley Swingle’s persistent efforts for the death penalty. In August, we successfully petitioned Gov. Eric Greitens with 260,000 signatures to stay the execution of Marcellus Williams as the Missouri Supreme Court refused to hear DNA evidence proving his innocence.

This past week, however, a judge sentenced Marvin Rice to death, although 11 out of 12 jurors had previously wanted life without parole for him.

MADP works every day to to inform Missourians and others across the country about the brokenness of our state’s death penalty and to try to stop executions in this state. With our mission in mind, we invite you to become a recurring donor. Regular contributions of $20 or $50 can actually help nonprofits like us more than large one-time donations because we can compile a better budget for our actions. To really maximize your impact, you can opt-in for convenient automatic payments here.

There are still 23 men on Missouri’s death row. We all have work to do – and you can help. Become a member now.

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