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MADP statement on use of new drug for executions

MADP Disappointed by Use of New Drug for Lethal Injection

Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (MADP) is disappointed by the announcement on Oct. 22 from the Department of Corrections that it is switching to pentobarbital to replace propofol in executions. The department also announced that it is adding a compounding pharmacy to its execution team. The compound pharmacy will be responsible for providing pentobarbital for executions.

“It is disheartening the lengths that the State of Missouri will go to find a drug for lethal injection,” states Rita Linhardt, chair of the board for MADP. “After the debacle with the attempted use of propofol as an execution drug, it would have been more appropriate for the state to pause and re-evaluate its use of capital punishment.”

The next execution–that of Joseph Paul Franklin is scheduled for November 20th

“MADP continues to oppose capital punishment because it is costly, arbitrary and prone to mistakes,” notes Linhardt. “We believe that there are other proven public safety measures that will keep the citizens of our state safe from violence.”

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