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Advocates launch #Toolkit for #MichaelTisius

On March 23rd, Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty launched a #Clemency campaign for #MichaelTisius. Please use the #Toolkit to uplift Michael’s humanity and amplify calls for #MercyForMichael.

Executing juveniles violates the eighth amendment. Missouri laws regarding juveniles and the death penalty should reflect evolving standards of decency.

Michael was 19 years old when he was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder in Randolph County. Scientific evidence supports the conclusion that the brain does not fully mature before a person reaches the age of 21 or higher.

In addition to the lack of maturity, Michael’s brain has been negatively affected by a life of abuse, neglect, and trauma. Years before he was even born, the stage was set for the trauma that characterized Michael’s life. His family had a long history of generations of abuse and neglect.

Michael fell prey to Missouri’s systemic failures. Systems designed to protect Michael from his disturbing home life and to support his development repeatedly failed to do so, leaving him vulnerable and traumatized.

Current Status. Michael is 42 years old and has lived peacefully in the Missouri DOC for over twenty years. He has had no prison conduct violations for a decade, and prison adjustment experts identify him as “an exemplary prisoner.” Multiple psychiatrists over the span of 20 years have come to the same conclusion, he understands the seriousness of his offense and shows empathy and remorse for the people he has hurt, particularly the families of the victims.

Michael deserves every ounce of mercy, compassion, empathy, support, and recognition of his humanity. Please visit to view, read, download, and share the story of #MichaelTisius and uplift calls for #Clemency.

You can view the MADP March Meet-Up event below, which highlights the action items in the tool kit and features his spiritual advisor.

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