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Volunteer Meeting Recap

The fight against the death penalty in Missouri is gaining momentum, with passionate abolitionists coming together to raise awareness about the brutality of capital punishment and to advocate for the humanity of those living with a death sentence. Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty (MADP) hosted a virtual meeting on May 25th to encourage individuals to get involved in the cause this summer. Whether through lit drops, tabling at events, postcard writing, or writing letters to the editor, there are numerous ways for concerned citizens to contribute to this vital movement.

If you missed the virtual meeting, you can still catch up by watching the recording below. The meeting provided valuable insights into the work MADP is doing and how you can actively participate in efforts. Educating yourself about the death penalty in Missouri and understanding the urgency of the situation is crucial in becoming an effective advocate for change.

Lit Drops:

By distributing flyers and brochures in your community, you can reach a broader audience and engage individuals who may not be aware of the ongoing issues surrounding capital punishment. Consider organizing a group of like-minded individuals to carry out this activity in various locations, such as local libraries, community centers, and public spaces.

Tabling at Events:

MADP is actively seeking volunteers to table at events. This personal interaction allows for meaningful conversations and can help dispel common misconceptions.

Postcard Writing:

Another impactful way to contribute is by hosting a postcard-writing event. Gather your friends, family, or members of your faith community to write postcards advocating for the abolition of the death penalty or supporting clemency campaigns. These personalized messages can be sent to lawmakers, expressing your opposition to capital punishment and urging them to take action. By amplifying your collective voices, you can bring attention to the pressing need for change.

Letters to the Editor:

Don't let the media turn a blind eye to the ongoing "killing spree" in Missouri. Responding to articles and letters to the editor is a powerful way to ensure that the issue remains in the public eye. Share your personal stories, statistics, and reasons why you oppose the death penalty, highlighting the inherent flaws and injustices of the system. By raising awareness and sparking conversations, you can help sway public opinion and create lasting change.

Share Your Ideas and Volunteer:

MADP welcomes new ideas and encourages individuals to volunteer their time and skills. Fill out the volunteer form to express your interest and someone from MADP will be in touch with you. We can provide you with the necessary materials, resources, and guidance to make a meaningful impact in the fight against the death penalty.

During the virtual meeting, MADP launched a petition asking Governor Parson to grant clemency to Johnny Johnson. Johnny is scheduled to be executed on August 1st, and his case serves as a stark reminder of the urgency of addressing the flaws in the criminal justice system. By signing and sharing the petition, you can contribute to the efforts to spare Johnny's life and draw attention to the broader issues surrounding capital punishment in Missouri.

The fight to abolish the death penalty in Missouri requires passionate individuals to join forces and take action. MADP's recent virtual meeting served as a call to arms for those seeking to make a difference. We are looking forward to doing the work with you!

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