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The State Murdered Raheem Taylor, Feb 7th at 6:16 pm

On Tuesday, February 7th, at 6:16 pm, the state of Missouri murdered Raheem Taylor - an innocent man- with no witnesses present. His attorneys were rapidly filing in the federal courts while the state went ahead with this killing! Read more in the Word & Way.

Raheem was and will remain a light to all who knew him. We uplift his daughters and loved ones and all co-victims of the death penalty.

You can help Raheem's daughter, Deja, as she takes time to rest and process the loss of her dad. DONATE TO DEJA HERE.

Thank you to everyone who showed up across Missouri and outside ERDCC to bear witness to this act of state violence.

We are grateful to the attorneys at the Midwest Innocence Project and Megan Crane who worked around the clock to get #JusticeForRaheem.

Megan Crane – Witness Denied Right to Be Present for Execution as Requested by Raheem Taylor writes in a statement:

Raheem Taylor was wrongfully executed tonight by the State of Missouri, despite his credible claim of innocence, despite the fact that no court had ever been presented with or had the opportunity to evaluate his claim of innocence, and the evidence supporting it, and despite the fact that there was ongoing litigation regarding the State’s denial of Raheem’s religious rights. (Raheem was denied his request to have his Muslim spiritual advisor present in the chamber. He was also denied his request to have witnesses (attorneys) present to observe.) This is an undeniable and irreversible injustice.

But, in the words of Raheem, he will “live eternally in the hearts of family and friends.” Up until his final moment, he was joy, he was light, he was a rock. His spirt could not and was not destroyed.

As long as the death penalty is on the books, innocent people will be executed.

Thank you for your efforts to abolish! We won’t stop until the killings stop.

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