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Support Joe Amrine on his 20th Exoneration Anniversary

In 1986, Joe was wrongfully convicted of murder within the prison system based on false allegations and perjured testimony from prison informants who received benefits for their cooperation. Despite his innocence, Joe spent 27 years behind bars, 17 of which were on death row.

Joe's case set a groundbreaking precedent, establishing that an 'actual innocence' claim, independent of constitutional violations during trial, can prove innocence and lead to exoneration only for those facing execution.

On July 28, 2003, Joe was finally exonerated and released when DNA testing revealed that the sample of red material found on his pants was found not to be body fluid. His freedom was granted, but the challenges he faces continue to this day.

Twenty years later supporters, family, and friends of Joe Amrine gathered at the Black Archives in Kansas City to celebrate Joe’s Freedomversary and to uplift Joe and his ongoing need for support.

Thanks to all those who were able to attend!! View Slideshow below.

Although this was a celebration, it was also important to Joe to bring attention to the fact that Missouri does not provide compensation to those wrongly convicted. Even after 20 years since his exoneration, Joe continues to face financial hardships. He currently lives without access to water in his house, making everyday life a struggle.

In spite of these difficulties, Joe remains dedicated to educating others about the harsh realities of living on death row and the challenges of re-entering society as an exoneree, absent of the support and benefits given to individuals on probation or parole.

Your Support Matters:

Now is the time for us to rally behind Joe Amrine and provide him with the support he deserves. By making a contribution to this fundraiser, you can help make Joe's 20th exoneration anniversary a truly memorable occasion.

Donate now, and together, let's extend our hands to lift Joe Amrine higher on his 20th Exoneration Anniversary. Share this fundraiser widely with your family, friends, and networks, and be part of a movement that stands for justice and compassion.

Together, we can make a difference and help Joe Amrine on his 20th Exoneration Anniversary.

Note: Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty is a registered nonprofit organization managing the Go Fund Me account. All funds are directly deposited to Joe’s bank account.

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