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Shedding Light on the Clemency Video: Unveiling the Troubling Case of Michael Tisius

Attorneys representing Michael Tisius released a clemency video shedding light on the complex and tragic events surrounding his case. This video features Roy Vance and Tracy Bullington, Tisius's co-defendants, taking responsibility for their roles in manipulating a vulnerable 19-year-old into participating in a jailbreak that resulted in devastating consequences. As the state prepares to carry out Tisius's execution, scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th, it is crucial to examine the details of this case that have largely been overlooked.

The story begins when Michael Tisius and Roy Vance first crossed paths in a trailer park in Moberly, Missouri. Despite their significant age difference, Tisius, then 19, quickly fell under Vance's influence. Vance, having recently escaped from Macon County jail, found himself incarcerated in Randolph County jail, a converted old Victorian house. It was within the confines of this jail that their paths crossed once again, leading to the events that would alter their lives forever.

During Tisius's retrial in 2010, his legal counsel failed to introduce crucial evidence that could have supported a statutory mitigator for Tisius's actions - the argument that he was under the substantial control and manipulation of Roy Vance. This omission prevented a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play in their relationship, potentially influencing the outcome of the trial and subsequent sentencing.

The recently released clemency video offers a compelling narrative in the co-defendants' words. Roy Vance and Tracy Bullington provide firsthand accounts of the events leading up to the fateful jailbreak and the devastating aftermath that unfolded. Their testimonies shed light on the manipulation and control exerted by Vance, ultimately painting a picture of a vulnerable young man ensnared in a dangerous situation beyond his control.

In the midst of this harrowing story, it is crucial to address the misuse of the term "groomer." While the term has gained significant attention and has been wielded by the Missouri legislature and individuals for political gain, it is essential to separate it from the circumstances surrounding Michael Tisius's case. The relationship between Tisius and Vance clearly aligns with the textbook definition of "child groomer," as acknowledged by Vance himself. Understanding the complexities of this relationship allows us to challenge misconceptions and ensure a fair assessment of the case.

As Michael Tisius's execution date looms, the release of the clemency video and the revelations it brings to the forefront demands attention. By exploring the troubled dynamics between Tisius and Roy Vance, we can gain a deeper understanding of the factors that led to this tragic series of events. Furthermore, it is imperative to reevaluate the case with a critical lens, acknowledging the role of manipulation and control while dispelling misunderstandings surrounding the "groomer" label.

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Teresa Barton
Teresa Barton
Jun 06, 2023

Jesus Lord God, send mercy and grace and forgiving hearts, understanding hearts for this continual abused Michael Tisius, and also the families of the crime, In Jesus Name, Amen.

How many kids are living in this very situation today? How many Michael Tisius will have to meet lethal injection for never being loved, cared for, validated, accepted?

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