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New Report Documents the History of Missouri’s Racist Death Penalty

A recent report from the Death Penalty Action Center, titled "Compromised Justice," highlights the alarming discriminatory practices in Missouri's death penalty system.

Missouri stands among a few states that have consistently executed individuals in the last

five years. This year alone, four people, including Leonard “Raheem” Taylor, a Black man with a credible claim of innocence, were executed. Taylor's case underscores the urgent need for reform, as his plea for justice fell on deaf ears.

Furthermore, Missouri has a painful history marked with racial violence, with the first reported lynching in U.S. history occurring in the state in 1838. At least 60 Black Missourians fell victim to racial terror lynchings, making Missouri the state with the highest number of such incidents outside the South. Unfortunately, the racial disparities in treatment persist to this day.

MADP Board Chair and President of the Missouri State Conference of the NAACP writes:

Missourians cannot turn a blind eye to this deeply rooted injustice any longer. It is incumbent upon us, as residents of this great state, to stand united in demanding an end to the death penalty. Our history, tainted by racial violence and discrimination, should not dictate our present or future. Let us be the catalyst for change, urging our legislators to reconsider the morality and efficacy of capital punishment.

This is not just about statistics; it is about acknowledging that a historical legacy of racial injustice continues to impact our communities.

We cannot remain silent in the face of such injustice. I urge you to join us in signing a petition to abolish the death penalty in Missouri. By doing so, you will contribute to the collective voice demanding change and the abolishment of the death penalty.

**What You Can Do:**

1. Learn More Join Noose to Needle and MADP for a panel discussion about the new report. Register here.

2. Sign the Petition Show your support for abolishing the death penalty in Missouri by adding your name to the petition.

3. Share Widely Amplify our message by forwarding this email to your network, urging friends, family, and colleagues to join the cause.

3. Spread The Word Use your platforms to raise awareness. Share the petition link and use the hashtag #NoMODeathPenalty

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