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Missourians Prepare to Go "On Watch" for Michael Tisius

(Missouri) - Michael Andrew Tisius is scheduled to be executed by the State of Missouri on June 6th at 6:00 pm at ERDCC Prison in Bonne Terre, MO, for the 2000 murders of Jason Acton and Leon Eagly in Randolph County. Michael was 19 years old at the time of the crime and experienced a life of abuse and trauma. Throughout the decades of incarceration Michael has shown great remorse for the crime he committed. Michael is a beloved community member; his talent and creativity have touched the lives of many. On Tuesday, June 6th, Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty (MADP) will hold execution watches across the state where communities will gather in solidarity to oppose the execution of Michael Tisius:

  • Jefferson City - Noon, Governor’s Office, 2nd Floor Missouri State Capitol, The Missouri Catholic Conference. Contact

  • St. Louis- 3:00 PM, St. Louis City Cir Court, Market and Tucker, Will carpool to Bonne Terre, MO following. Contact Margaret:

  • KCMO - 5:00 pm, 39th, and Troost. Contact Bob at

  • Columbia - 5:00 - 6:15 pm, Boone County Courthouse. MADP + MO-FOR Contact Jeff Stack at 573-449-4585

  • Bonne Terre - starting at 5:00 pm, Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center (ERDCC), Execution Watch MADP, contact or call 816-931-4177

We stand at a critical juncture as Missourians prepare to gather in watchful solidarity on June 6th for Michael Tisius. We must recognize the flaws in our legal system, the human cost of the death penalty, and the need for alternative paths to justice.

Please continue to share calls to action for #MichaelTisius.


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