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Missouri prepares to Kill David Hosier

David Hosier is scheduled to be executed by the State of Missouri on June 11th at 6:00 pm at ERDCC Prison in Bonne Terre, MO, for the murder of Angela Gilpin in 2009 in Jefferson City.  David is deserving of mercy. 

David has a long record of public service that is rightfully proud of. David volunteered for the United States Navy in September 1974. After four years of service in the Navy, David earned a Good Conduct Medal and an honorable discharge. David’s service continued when he joined the Jefferson City, Missouri Fire Department in June 1979. David served as a Firefighter and EMT until 1986.

David’s prison conduct record shows he poses no threat to staff or other offenders. David spent a significant amount of his time at Potosi Correctional Center in the Honor Dorm having earned this status as a result of his positive “institutional adjustment.”

This case highlights many of the flaws inherent in the death penalty system. Despite the lack of direct evidence linking him to the crime, David was convicted based on circumstantial evidence.  Questions of ineffective counsel were raised throughout his appeal highlighting that the death penalty is mostly imposed on poor people who cannot afford to hire an effective lawyer.  The death penalty does not contribute to public safety and only continues to heap cycles of violence and trauma on communities where violent crimes occur.                     

Should the state move forward with the execution on Tuesday, Missourians are prepared to go “on watch.”

  • Jefferson City - Noon, Governor’s Office, 2nd Floor Missouri State Capitol, The Missouri Catholic Conference. Contact

  • St. Louis- 3:00 PM, St. Louis City Cir Court, Market and Tucker, Will carpool to Bonne Terre, MO following. Contact Margaret:

  • Kansas City - 5:00 pm, 39th, and Troost. Contact Bob at for more info.

  • Columbia - 5:00 - 6:15 pm, Boone County Courthouse. MADP + MO-FOR Contact Jeff Stack at 573-449-4585 

  • Bonne Terre - 5:30 pm, Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center (ERDCC), Execution Vigil and Remembrance of Victims of Violent Crime, MADP, contact or call 816-931-4177

Missouri will be “on watch” on June 11th because our legal system fails to bring justice and serves only to further harm, particularly in our response to murder. MADP will continue to work for a response to crime that does not perpetuate the cycle of violence.

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