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MADP + PROMO #ClemencyForAmber Event

On December 14th MADP and PROMO joined forces for a virtual event centering of LGBTQ folks, especially trans femmes, living in the carceral system in Missouri and nationwide. The panel was moderated by PROMO's ED, Katy Erker-Lynch (she/they) and included:

Jessica Hicklin (she/her), Jessica was recently released from MODOC under a new law providing relief to juveniles with life sentences. During her time incarcerated Missouri executed over 80 people and Jessica worked on many of their cases.

Michaela Joy Kraemer (she/her), Michaela is the Interim Director of Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG). She has developed a friendship with Amber and connects her with outside support to uplift her humanity and provide her with dignity at this time.

Devon Ojeda (they/them) Ph.D., Devon is a Senior National Organizer at the National Center for Transgender Equality/NCTE Action Fund. NCTE recently voted to take on the issue of the death penalty in light of Amber's case. Devon uplifts the importance of gender-affirming health care and how the carceral system disproportionally impacts LGBTQ individuals.

Amy Breihan (she/her), Amy is a Co-Director at the MacArthur Justice Center. Amy represented Jessica Hicklin and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge on MODOC policies and practices regarding access to gender affirming care, especially for women living in men's facilities.

You can watch back here:

MADP is so grateful to be in community with the many individuals and organizations showing care for Amber and uplifting the need to abolish the death penalty for once and for all.

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