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MADP Launches Advocacy Campaign #JusticeForRaheem

Leonard “Raheem” Taylor was sentenced to death for a crime he has he did not commit and is scheduled to be executed on February 7, 2023, despite overwhelming new evidence that he is innocent!

In 2004, Leonard “Raheem” Taylor was convicted for the murders of Angela Rowe and her three children, Alexus Conley, AcQreya Conley, and Tyrese Conley. Throughout the trial and appeals, Raheem maintained his innocence. Even court documents show that the murders occurred AFTER the time Raheem left Angela’s home, where he last saw her and her children alive, and headed to the airport to visit his daughter in California. The evidence is clear, and yet Raheem has been on death row since 2008.

Raheem currently has an application before the Saint Louis County Prosecutor Office's Conviction & Incident Review Unit (CIRU) because all of the evidence - both old and new - presents a convincing case that Mr. Taylor is innocent of the four murders for which he is condemned to die.

Please visit and uplift Raheem’s innocence, as we have 30 days to save his life from execution by the state of Missouri.

You can view the virtual Toolkit Launch event, which highlights the facts of the case and the action items you can take for #JusticeForRaheem.

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Pretty Nikki
Pretty Nikki
Jan 14, 2023

I had previous wrote about not knowing the crime.but missed the actual information! You were able to direct me in the right direction and I appreciate it I think he's completely innocent. This feels personal as the day of execution is on my birthday Feb 7 so I signed!! And everyone should share and sign please!!!


Jan 08, 2023

thanks for the comment we do indicate the crime for which the individual is convicted. In fact, in the US, the only crime eligible for the death penalty is first-degree murder. It seems like you may not have read the blog post and petition for Raheem, which clearly lists the victims and the crime - please re-visit the first paragraph of the blog post and the Background of the petition. In fact, in Raheem's case, the crime is very relevant bc he did not commit it, so our entire toolkit is focused on debunking the myth of the day of the crime. In other situations, we are focused on the crime of state murder, and we do not center or…

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