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Give STL Day!

Today is Give St. Louis Day, a day to honor, celebrate, and support local nonprofits. In the wake of Missouri carrying out the execution of Carman Deck, this #GiveSTLDay is more important than ever.

There are currently six people from St. Louis who are currently living under death sentences in Missouri. Including Marcellus Williams, who has been on death row for over two decades for a crime he did not commit.

While this day of fundraising is focused on St. Louis, our work exists across the state of Missouri, year round. We hope you will give no matter where you are located! This year our goal is $500.

Please donate today to join in the movement to end the death penalty in Missouri.

Your support helps to promote alternatives to the death penalty which invest in communities and not the mass incarceration system. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to furthering the movement with you to bring an end to the death penalty in Missouri.

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