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David Hosier files Clemency Application with Governor Parson

With a June 11th execution date looming, attorneys representing David Hosier have filed an application for executive clemency with Governor Parson's office. The application reads:

“Executive clemency is an act of mercy and an acknowledgment that the individual offender is worthy of life. An individual demonstrates their worth through their actions before and after the crime. In this case, David’s commitment to public service, his institutional adjustment, and his current, ongoing health issues make him an ideal candidate for Governor Parson’s mercy.”

open casket  with white flowers on top with indiana state troopers on each side.
Funeral of Glen Hosier, David's father in1971.

David grew up in a loving family marked by service. His life was tragically torn apart when his father was shot in the line of duty in 1971. While David’s family struggled following Glen’s unexpected death, there were few resources available to help them cope with the sudden family tragedy.  Since that time, things have changed for the better. In 1984, Concerns of Police Survivors [C.OP.S.] was organized and founded. This organization provides resources to families who lose a family member who was a law enforcement officer in the line of duty. According to the clemency application, “David would not be here [facing execution] but for the tragic murder of his father in the line of duty.”

a young man in uniform stands in his military school uniform adorned with regalia and holding his hat in his right hand.
David Hosier in school uniform during his time in military school.

David has a long record of public service that is rightfully proud of. David was incredibly close with his father throughout his childhood. The Indiana State Police loomed larger than life for David, so much so that David desired to join their ranks when he grew up.  David followed in his father’s footsteps and volunteered for the United States Navy in September 1974. After four years of service in the Navy, David earned a Good Conduct Medal and an honorable discharge. David’s service continued when he joined the Jefferson City, Missouri Fire Department in June 1979. David served as a Firefighter and EMT until 1986.

David’s deteriorating health condition supports his request for clemency. David is a 69-year-old man suffering from a deteriorating health situation. David’s health was relatively stable until recently. On May 8, 2024, David began falling ill, including loss of appetite and dizziness. Over the next few days, his symptoms worsened steadily. David was admitted to the hospital on May 19th where he was found to be in acute heart failure. He was administered medication and David now relies on a wheelchair to get around, as he is not stable enough to walk without assistance. David’s health condition further emphasizes the need for mercy in this case. David poses no threat to anyone else and executing an elderly man with heart failure does nothing to further the interests of justice.

With David’s execution scheduled for June 11th, urgent action is required to amplify the calls for clemency. In the state of Missouri, the Governor holds the sole power to grant executive clemency, making public support crucial.

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