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Attorneys File Application Seeking Clemency for Michael Tisius

Updated: May 18, 2023

With a June 6th execution date looming, attorneys representing Michael Tisius have filed an application for executive clemency with Governor Parson's office. They write:

“Michael had turned 19 only 4 months before he killed Mr. Acton and Mr. Egley. Now, 42, not a day has not gone by that he has not regretted his actions. His dedication to personal growth reflects in his artwork and his faith in God. He strives to be redeemed in the best manner he can, and in so doing, demonstrates the difference age makes in development.”

Michael's clemency application stands out for its remarkable approach. Spanning 56 pages, the document is beautifully illustrated with Michael's own artwork. These visual representations serve as powerful testaments to his journey towards redemption. From murals adorning the walls of the Potosi Correctional Center to intimate interviews where Michael describes his art in his own words, these illustrations offer glimpses into the transformative power of creativity.

Voices of Support:

One notable voice lending support to Michael's cause is that of Troy Steele, the former Warden of Potosi Correctional Center. In a heartfelt letter, Mr. Steele attests to Michael's model behavior as an inmate and his genuine remorse for his past actions. This unprecedented show of support underscores the unique circumstances surrounding Michael's case. Additionally, The Apostolic Nuncio, representing Pope Francis, has appealed for clemency “based solely on the shared humanity” between Michael and those advocating for him.

Unveiling New Evidence:

The clemency application presents a compelling argument supported by statements from almost every juror involved in Michael's trial. Astonishingly, five jurors reconsidered their votes upon being presented with new mitigation evidence, which paints a full picture of the impact of intergenerational trauma on brain development and function, shedding a new perspective on the complex factors that contributed to Michael's actions.

Facing the Truth:

A pivotal moment in Michael's clemency application is the emergence of Roy Vance's statement. As the man who targeted Michael, Vance steps forward, acknowledging his role in grooming and exploiting Michael's vulnerability. Vance confesses to his guilt and seeks to clear his conscience. This revelation places the focus on the circumstances surrounding Michael's actions and offers a new lens through which to evaluate his case.

With Michael's execution scheduled for June 6th, urgent action is required to amplify the calls for clemency. In the state of Missouri, the Governor holds the sole power to grant executive clemency, making public support crucial.

To support Michael's plea for clemency, sign the petition today. Every signature contributes to the collective effort to urge Governor Parson to reexamine the circumstances surrounding Michael's case and commute his sentence to life.

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