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"An American Symptom" - Marcellus "Khaliifah" Williams

"An American Symptom"

from Buffalo to Texas with only eighteen years of expression

-death is the period in this grammar lesson,

it is said that its hard to deal with

but we must look beyond the american myth

-and come to grips with lifeless heart(s) consumed by the glitz,

zombies out for blood not only brains

truly they walk among us, see how they filibuster for change

go ahead and point your finger and scoff at what i say-

assault rifles (weapons) are idols witness their altars streaming online

-with big tech's help which is more insane?

many say it is time, time for what? what is it time for?

the cycle is set and only fools will continue to ignore

cultural norms solidified to the core

-violence touches everything under democracy and capitalism with their mantra of: more! more! more!

background check narratives along with paying heed to the signs

who can decipher any of the rhetoric when there is a increase in stuffed animal shrines?

-candles are lit and tears are shed but be on guard cause it's only a matter of time,

mental illness...

never sleeps, it stays awake being bothered by the stillness

not enough essential workers to adequately deal with this-


lack of empathy is not the humans' essence or spirit

know that there are so many layers to the schizophrenic,

...better a loaded statement than a loaded AR-

in the hands of someone who is numb to life wearing body armor

with a video game focus intent on manifesting carnage and horror

level after level destroying without the least concern of who you are,



player one-

Hollywood movies music to make you do it

t.v. shows

dark web chatrooms

loony toons and animé

Iblis's web has spun,

1776: born was a democratic republic-

full of contradiction, denials and chattel subject(s)

eighteen years is just not enough time to love it

kiss it

or hug it

-only identifying with extended clips with slight adjustments,

Supreme Court politics is precedent

Congress is stagnant with its antics

Presidential geriatrics

international intrigue with America's next war ever present

domestic challenges because actions are only by intent

the when and where of the next mass shooting impossible to predict,

reflect and listen-

as we remember the victims

critical attention must be given to this diseased system

a society that produces sociopaths on a dark mission

is a true healing even in the equation or in this picture?

-or should we come to accept it as just another American symptom?

By Marcellus "Khaliifah" Williams

Khaliifah is one of 18 individuals currently living under a sentence of death in the state of Missouri. Learn more about Khaliifah at

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