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10 things you can do in the wake of an execution.

We encourage you to act in solidarity with those in prison and those facing execution. Please reference our list of things to do in the wake of an execution and reach out to us at with any questions about how to best aid those on death row.

10 things you can do in the wake of an execution:

  1. Sign Petitions asking for clemency.

  2. Write letters to editors of newspapers.

  3. Write letters or make calls to your legislators to abolish the death penalty.

  4. Share information about the execution on social media.

  5. Attend vigils and execution watches for those set for execution.

  6. Host events with MADP and your organization to discuss the execution and death penalty abolition.

  7. Vote for candidates who believe in the abolition of the death penalty.

  8. Ask faith leaders to lead prayers for all victims of the death penalty.

  9. Talk with others about the humanity of people in prison.

  10. Become a member of an organization that works toward ending the death penalty and all forms of state violence.

Feel free to share our graphic below on social media and tag us @madpmo.

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