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Persistence is key!

Missouri is one of just a few actively executing states in the nation and is currently ramping up efforts to murder individuals living under death sentences. As we look at the road ahead in 2022 we must recognize how far we have come together. The drastic decline in death sentences over the last decade in Missouri shows us that potential jurors recognize that the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime, retraumatizes victims' families and co-victims through lengthy trials and appeals processes, and does not address or resolve root causes of violence in our communities.

It is people like you that are truly making an impact in the movement to abolish the death penalty in Missouri by simply saying NO to capital punishment. You can double your impact today by donating to or becoming a member of MADP.

To become a member you can make a secure online donation of $50.00 or more, or make checks payable to MADP and mail them to MADP, 6320 Brookside Plz #185, Kansas City, MO. 64113.

You can also make donations to receive various MADP abolition gear.

We’ve got stickers, prints, apparel, and books waiting for you! Having abolition gear in your home or wearing it out in public advances public consciousness about the abolition of the death penalty. It’s more than just a donation.

Thank you in advance for your persistence alongside us!

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