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MADP 2021 Death Penalty Advocacy Training

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

On March 26th, 2021, MADP and constituents across Missouri joined in a session on abolition advocacy. We were able to cover the logistics for our upcoming April Week of Advocacy, learn about focus bills, our legislative agenda, very important policy issues in our state, and we got to hear from Na'im Al Amin of Swagg Inc., a non-profit aimed at reducing recidivism, who shared methods of communicating with legislators and how to be an effective advocate in the movement to abolish the death penalty in Missouri.

Download our MADP 2021 Advocacy Training Packet.

MADP 2021 Death Penalty Abolition Advoca
Download • 257KB

Download a sample worksheet from Na'im Al Amin.

MADP Advocacy Training feat Na’im Al Ami
Download • 8KB

Videos from our Advocacy Training Day are forth coming.

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