Missouri’s Death Penalty

2016 Fact Sheet on Missouri’s Death Penalty

American Bar Association Vol. 42, No. 2 The Death Penalty: How Far Have We Come?

The Status of the Death Penalty in Missouri

  • Number of executions since 1976: 88
  • Last execution: Mark Christeson, January 31, 2017
  • Number of death row inmates: 25
  • Number of innocent people freed from death row: 4

Legislative Action

The legislative session in Missouri runs from January through May. There are several bills sitting before the House and Senate regarding the abolition of the death penalty and reforms to criminal procedure. During the 2013 session we educated legislators about our position and sought their support of progressive legislation on the death penalty and criminal justice reforms. We were particularly pleased to have wide bipartisan sponsorship of HB 644 to repeal the death penalty, and of SB 61 to conduct a cost audit of the death penalty which was debated on the Senate floor.

Learn more about the current legislative issues regarding the death penalty in Missouri here.

Reports & Factsheets


The death penalty in Missouri
The death penalty is too expensive

The death penalty does NOT deter murders

  • Police chiefs rank the death penalty last among their priorities for effective crime reduction. See DPIC’s National Poll of Police Chiefs in their Smart on Crime Report.


  • The National Registry of Exonerations, 2016 2015 set a record for exonerations in the United States—149 that we know of so far, in 29 states, the District of Columbia, federal courts and Guam.
  • Missouri has had four exonerations – learn more about them here.

Missouri’s Current Death Row


  • Terrance L Anderson
  • Walter (Archie) Barton
  • Robert Blurton
  • William Theodore Boliek
  • Russell E Bucklew
  • Reginald Clemons
  • Christopher Collings
  • Richard Davis
  • Brian Dorsey
  • Jesse Driskill
  • David Hosier
  • Ernest Lee Johnson
  • Johnny Johnson
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Charles Mathenia
  • Scott McLaughlin
  • Roosevelt Pollard
  • Marvin Rice
  • Lance Shockley
  • Leonard Taylor
  • Michael Tisius
  • Marcellus Williams